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Knives: More than a Tool

Practically since the beginning of time, knives have been important. Knives were the first tools used by early man. Knives defined much of the early civilization periods. Knives are both practical and interesting.

From the humble beginnings of knives, ingenuity and technology have moved the knife to where it is today. Fact Expert has assembled a wealth of knife information that will appeal to anyone with an interest in knives.

Knives: Past, Present & Future

Prehistoric man used crude knives made from stone as the first tool. Most historians point to the use of tools as what seperates humans from other animals. From that point forward, knives developed into more useful tools for variuos tasks.

Cutlery evolved over time and is one way that almost everyone is exposed to knives on a daily basis. Much of the world's population eats one or more meals every day with a knife.